The aluminium pergola with a contemporary design

Self-supporting or leaning against the wall, pergotenda® Kubo is the structure suitable both for small spaces such as private gardens, and for large spaces such as airports, stations and places for large events/ceremonies.

Its great adaptability and strong design have made Kubo one of Corradi’s most successful products.


Aluminum pergola: maximum compactness, 100% customization

The cover with the slack standard sheet, which conveys the water to the ground even in the absence of a slope, can be replaced with the stretched sheet with spacers, leaving the option of having the continuous or alternating drainage, only on one side or bilateral.

Kubo‘s aluminum pergola is resistant to climatic events, nevertheless there is the possibility of side closure, choosing between Materics, Ermetika®, or Glasses.

Kubo, available in 13 colors, from anthracite to the brand new Night black, has no limits to the possibility of configuration, choosing special RAL on request.

Much appreciated both by individuals and by the contract sector, managing to give new life to a simple terrace but also to more generous spaces such as hotels and restaurants.

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