Marquees for events

Tosetto Allestimenti presents rental solutions for events, with personalized and unique proposals with the possibility of purchasing.

Extremely elegant structures, composed of a conceptually innovative modular construction, with a pyramid-shaped roof, which lends itself to different possibilities of use: fairs, exhibitions, sporting events, meetings, fashion shows, parties and private celebrations, but also warehouse tents , logistics solutions, work and production station covers.


The materials of the bearing structure and installation elements are made from anodized aluminium and zinc-plated steel. Revolution stability is ensured by brackets fastened on steel plates, which are anchored to the ground by means of nails and/or ballasts. Structure stability is ensured even further by a steel bracing system.

The characteristic “saddle-shaped” tarpaulins are made from Class 2 fire-resistant, opaque white PVC.
A flashing system under the roof collects and drives moisture to special gutters at the roof sides for wastewater drainage.

Revolution sidewalls are made from insulated, Class 1 fire-resistant white panels, installed crosswise in the aluminium bearing structure.
Clear, glazed panels or coloured panels are also available.


Revolution is composed by 5×5 m of modular structure reaching a maximum width of 40 metres, with 5 metre multiples.

The sidewall height at structure roof may be either 6 or 8.50 metres.
Other height types are available on demand.

The versatility of 5×5 metre modules allows to disassemble and reinstall structures quickly not only as a rectangular or square base but with several configurations, allowing to meet any specific requirement.


Tosetto Allestimenti offers a line of products for large events to ensure safety and anti-Covid regulations.


Device to be placed within the shooting range which constitutes a stable temperature reference for the self-calibration of the thermal camera by increasing the accuracy of the measurement, default calibration temperature 35 ° C, range 5 ° C ~ 50 ° C, radiant surface effective 70 × 70 mm, power supply 100 ~ 240 Vac.


Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Camera. Uncooled FPA with 256 × 192 vanadium oxide, Athermalized lens (thermal imaging camera), without focus. Intelligent connection with strobe light and audio, Temperature accuracy ± 0.3 ° C with black body, Temperature measurement range: 30 ° C to 45 ° C. IP67; Micro SD storage.

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